You enter the room... the smell of dirty copper only thickens, but the air seems to grow colder in an unatural way, you see a soft white glow of eyes and snarling teeth from a small open door in the corner of the room
whatever it is... it is not human

The being lets out a strange breathy laugh
"I... I was the owner of this Grand place..." It pauses, it's smile turning seemingly more twisted.
"And now i am the only one that remains here... but i keep this place functional, the way i run things are for the best anyway... heheheheee..."

The being makes a thoughtful hum
"Take a look around..."
"You are in my office right now, you are surrounded by clues on my way of running this place... follow me when you wish to continue" He says with his eerie smile gleaming as his face seems to loose all animation, becoming a still image within the shadows.