You wake up in a dark room, the scent of copper fills the air... as you push your hand against the wall to steady yourself you feel a cold metal light switch on the wall.

You flick the light switch on and hear a loud clunk from it as the lights blink on, the switch now seems to be stuck in the on position.

You take a moment to gaze at the drawings and etching around the room, they send a chill down your spine.
You then realise the door to the room is securely closed with a large electronically controlled bolt going across it... there must be a way out of here surely?

You take another glance at the drawings, there seems to be a lot of crosses, blood and some smaller writing you can't quiet read at a glance - maybe something here will help me?

You take a better look at your direct surroundings...
A chest of draweres that looks almost too clean to be here.
A couple dirty, bloody mattresses that have seen better days.

You take a look around the large mattress, there doesnt seem to be anything of interest about it
You check behind the small matress, only to find some dead bugs and dust...

You open the drawers and grab a keypad that rests inside, it is old and bloody but functional, do you want to attempt to input a code?

The keypad makes a small beep and you hear the bolt move across, unlocking the door behind you, opening with a creak.