You run after her, following her out into the light of day
you stop for a moment to look up, she stands there staring at you.
she becomes a much clearer figure now, her ink black hair covering her eyes
"Why you follow me?" you hear in your thoughts, but she doesnt move... this must be how she is communicating.

As you finish your sentence you feel yourself begin to float in the air, the logs just infront of you also float...
this young girl seems a lot more scary now she is seemingly armed with psychic powers...
"Who you?" She asks, her voice is louder and almost angry, it makes you head ache a little.

"How you find me?" She ask and quickly follows up with
"Why you see me?!" The logs are raised higher,
she seems to be getting angry and confused.

"Machine" she says in almost a happy tone
"Flask" she growls in a tone utterly opposite to the previous happy one
"Father" She says in almost a whisper... barely audible.

"Work" she says, her tone unsure
"Work" she repeats... in a darker angrier tone
"Get rid of. Father. Sad" She says, her voice almost sounds like she is tearing up...

"Rope" she mumbles, you feel a small pain in your head and pressure on your body.
"Father... Rope" She says in an annoyed tone, the pain and pressure grow... this is not good
"Father... Rope... Sleep" "Father... Rope... Sleep" "Father... Rope... Sleep" "Father... Rope... Sleep" "Father... Rope... Sleep" "Father... Rope... Sleep" "Father... Rope... Sleep" "Father... Rope... Sleep" she repeats, getting louder each time, the pressure on your body and pain in your head is becoming unbearable

As you say this, everything stops, you drop the the floor, landing on your hands and knees, slightly winded
You look up, you can't see her anymore but the air still feels weird...
you get to your feet and look around, the door back to the workshop is closed now, and the forest lays ahead.