As you pass through the door a strange feeling comes over you and a faint white noise rings in your ears
As you glance at your surroundings you notice everything is strangly fuzzy and everything is drained of its colour?
Within a group of Cows the Butchers Ghost stands, watching you. Grinning from cheek to cheek.

"Where? Oh, Why this is the old place in her full glory, around a couple hundred years ago... isn't it boring. don't try and touch anything... it is all a ghost, like myself" it sighs a strange sigh, its smile turning into a frown of disgust.
after looking over the cows in almost malice its gaze suddenly snaps back to you, a sick grin spreading once again
"How about we play a little game? Yes... No pondering now, i want a simple yes or no..."

"Then lets begin" it grins
The game is simple, i ask a question you answer me, if you are incorrect, you die." it lets out a cruel laugh
"Lets start easy, What is the most effecient way of disposing of masses of meat?"

"Correct... burning is the utmost of effeciency" it grins in a sick manner
"Now let's go deeper? Hmm?"
"Who is the one True Diety?" it asks, its grin spreading.

"Ahhh... i see we are on the same page." it grins and nods
"Why don't we test your faith?"
"What is valued higher in the eyes of the lord?" it questions

"What can i say? im impressed..." the entity cackles out a laugh
"now all those bastard humanitarians are gone, things can be run correctly here."
Take in anything that crosses our path and sacrifice it to the one true god. the fire that cleansed this place was the first step to this places greatness..." it grins a sinster gin... i assume he started said fire.

"You May be of more use than sacrifice after all...together we can make this plant into what it should become..." it galnces over the cows before turning back to you
"Shall i bring us back to our world?" It grins.