Uranium 235

This interactive surface will show the basics of a nuclear reaction.

The nuclear reaction is started by firing a Neutron at Uranium 235.

This causes the Uranium to split into Krypton 92 and Barium 141,

Which in turn, releases 3 Neutrons resulting in a chain reaction.


m = Mute

r = Reset

i = Increase amount of Uranium

k = Decrease amount of Uranium

Left Click - Place and Fire first Neutron

, = slow down simulation

. = speed up simulation

p = pause simulation

Esc = return to start screen

a = auto add Uranium

Technical Requirements

Works best on Chrome browser


Uranium 235 is an interactive educational tool. The tool deploys HTML5 Canvas and features a particle physics system coded from scratch.

The Developer

Jordan Foster is a second year Creative Computing 'Web and Mobile' pathway student with an interest in scripting and mobile app development.